I’m creating a body of art, writing, & oral history that documents the genesis of a new subculture, and I need your help.




hag rag army knuckle lunar
urchin petal aura thorn
holy whore an auspex vulpix
vulpecula lipstick norn

nordic sparkle hellcat slattern
ursa ovate crackle warn
bog and cog, a shell of shimmer
worse than fate a hateful door

nacht lumos a shifting shade
an ocean dream in ragged arms
witness ancient snow procession
crossroad candles dawn and fawn

windy tomb a black rune blossom
queen of rain and fool of cloud
worlds edge wraith a lust defiant
embers arid orchid shroud

ghouls with flowers rodin ribbons
summon thimble symbol star
so wishful beyond the cedars
pray to aurox win this war

Dragon slave a sheol cypher
shivas tall bike/archon blues
tirsday sorrows, lovers thistles
skulks and murders song of bruise

possession and black procession
recession of dirge and dream
how we came to hate the lesson
that finis demands we scream

tumbling stories kill false glories
dream with roses i atone
bleed for weeds and ancient powers
under wings never alone

Arms of Alabaster

Saturday, the day of war.
Behold hardcore holy whores
Fetal Folk lore says no more
About this rotten girl

My hon is an engineer
With her lantern and dark beer
Rat house Palace has no fear
We make love in a black mirror

Friday is a day of howling
Snow is a betrayer
I was a lamb holding a lamp
Until the drought all blossomed

Demon scholar busked up dollars
Angels bust 10 knuckles
Devils Trumpet Strumpets
Statist Lies are status ailments


I have a tale about beauty, – and it’s not just another story.
Dolled all up like Icarus and I made some fucking drama
Desire is a drop of arsenic in yer victorian eye
You look so good tonight I think I could kiss you and die

I survived disasters by hiding in libraries
My cult didnt want me so i shouted “WITCH ANARCHY”!
Arms of alabaster held me in a cemetary
If you call me snowflake Ill summon frostbite blizzards

Endless Bethlehem Dragons.


Eunuch Virgin Sacred
The fountainhead of all pairs of opposites
Peace Comes From Within
Raw Honey, Divinely Inspired
Neuralistic BrainOven
The June Pearl and Roses
Diligent people are wise
His obsession kills our relationship
Make Child Fear God Save Him From Satan
Do you Hear Laughter Moses?
Thirty Third Degree
Learn all that You Can
In strength there is beauty
Fire is Not Power
Love they neighbor, excellent as the cedars


I love you so much
Raptured in Christ
Thank you for that Spirit of the Night
My brothers Keeper
Christ has been reborn
The Door Way to Daath
Dont Rush Me Dear
Run for your Life
Follow your Dream
Child of the Apocalypse
East Gate of Jerusalem
Rainbow Warriors Dressed to the Nines


Secret Homosexual
I grew up in Sadness
Its about that time
America Points to Mecca
Heaven and Earth Become One

46: 10
incredible creations
ice rose cross
bridal gifts from god
the air and the earth

prophetic sleep
gift of logic trigger
message in a bottle
prison planet
demon mind control

i think therefore i am
archons at pine gap
demonic reptilians
the atomic age signs
combine a key

69. 15

nuclear accident, sunrise dazed
Harley toe curling, pumpkin faces
innocent blue sigil of lucifer
riley queen of diamond
king conqueror arcturian
his name is satan behind closed doors
The Dome of the Rock, portal to Hell
Prophetic Math, the Sun Man Photographs
Sold out the All Soul
I think I can make it rain

sexagram husband, Ghost Mammon
Black Hole Jehovah, False Flag is In me
Enochian Drugs, Modern Eclipse
Pandora Heroin, I can be healed
I am I am I am Nous shaking
Road Rage Farscape
red tape jasper leather
Archangel Jungle
I am I am I am the fire stealer

S: 295 16


Twenty Two Letters of Foundation
They Will Never Escape Out of Insanity
They will All forget after they will learn.
I know its all their fault they woke me Up.
You Already Knew the Truth at Age Five
I am inside your heart, I have always been there.
I am a machine no longer living, just a shell of what I dreamed.


The name of my true soul mate…
Mortis Invenio In Unitate.
The middle of the earth and the moon
the three together ease my pain Make me not a ruler of people
Let a thousand flowers bloom
The Queen of Heaven is of Eternal
And every mans heart shall melt.


Constellations are gatekeys
Manifestation from the Zero
Not all thy tears wash out
he cannot enter the kingdom of god
Crying regret sin monster
Dogs shall be holy unto you

S: 78 15


1. Science Open Athena Design
2. Black Lion, Red Heifer, Hand in Hand
3. Dragons Mistake, Scarlet Finger
4. Onyx Baby, Be Mine
5. Spiced Ham Reindeer, Childhood Hop Hop
6. suicidal blue ocean
7. Eden Snake Peacemaker.
8. 7th circle railroad genesis
9. Topaz Dolphin, Ketamine Euros
10. China Doll Omega Code
11. October, Endless Bethlehem Dragons



Important updates as autumn is when a cryptid like me finally blooms

New album out on bandcamp!
Available soon as a high quality digital download!

You can also get “summers end mixtape” on our Etsy store!

GG Irkalla on why you should book her

Im GG Irkalla. i make witchpunk songs.

i need to play shows.

I have a girlish tenor voice crackling and husky sounding from 3 years of black mold and screaming at demons. I talk like a french canadian from around here but i sing in a virginia drawl cause thats where i grew up.
I make noise and play acoustic guitar witch punk songs backed with beats from my ipad. My music is a mix of folk punk, southern gothic, neo-folk, early 80s industrial music, and performance art kinda things. My music is a scathing satire of christian childrens shows, fundamentalist religion, mass media, and monoculture. I dress like a rotting corpse of a puritan village dweller that came out of a slaughterhouse and just wants to sing some songs she learned in the abyss

I need to play shows. A PA would be nice but i will work with whatever.

if you want me to play outside of olympia you have to guarantee me a ride there and back (we dont have a car and we are super poor) and if i have to spend the night you have to give me and my partner a floor to crash on and maybe a place i can make a meal and take my meds cause i have to take care of myself. (buying me dinner or making me some food is nice too )



OCT 12

Babylon Death Party 18- Illuminated Orphans

Public · Hosted by Cheyanne Dise and Vi Tranchemontagne

I will not be performing here, But i will be vending as part of my occult supplies/zines/curios store, Irkalla Market. I will also be part of a ritual.

Thursday, October 12 at 6 PM – 10 PM

Fred Wildlife Refuge

128 Belmont Ave E, Seattle, Washington 98102

SEP 30

GIRL DIRT ANGEL FOG: Sea-Witch v.2 Release Party

Come join us celebrate the release of our friend Moss Angel’s next literary installment of their SEA WITCH series: GIRL DIRT ANGEL FOG. We’ll have some of our regular readers joining us plus a few new ones.


Moss Angel

Dogtail North

GG Irkalla

Skye Lysator-Diaz

Sascha Hamilton

Magpie Leibowitz

Saturday, September 30 at 6 PM – 8 PM


414 4th Ave E, Olympia, Washington 98501



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